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Art and creativity are key parts of my life, a wonderful balance for the ‘thinking brain.’ I can lose myself for hours in the creation of a piece – there are no other thoughts; everything else dissolves and disappears from sight and any urgency. So, I consciously make space in my week to ensure I get time to enjoy the creative process. No matter how it turns out, it is always time well spent, time dedicated to my well-being and mental health.

My own unique style

I work in a range of mediums, including graphite, acrylic inks, acrylic paint, oil and soft pastels. Having been fortunate enough to spend time with and learn from some amazing artists, I’m grateful to each and every one of them for their encouragement and guidance.

Now, I have developed my own style. The aim is for my art to evoke positivity and joyfulness for you. If you love my work and would like to purchase some of the original art I have for sale, then please do get in touch. Those without a price are already sold or are examples of my work. Those pieces for sale are priced individually, and postage and shipping will need to be assessed separately.

My Artistic Journey

I first discovered art as a distraction from the pain I was in with Chronic Lyme Disease. I was extremely average at school and hadn’t attempted anything since. But, when I was just coming out of my lowest point, I joined a class. Since then, I have taken more workshops, tried a variety of mediums (some of which I am still trying to master!) and found some that I absolutely love. I have met many talented and wonderful people along my art journey. The flow of creating has ignited a passion in me that I had only ever dreamed could exist.

Discovering the Passion

In 2019, when I moved back to South Wales in the UK, through workshops I attended, I discovered a love of soft pastels and the flexibility of the medium. For the most part, I work with Unison pastels and a range of pastel pencils. The vibrancy of colours is a complete joy to work with, so now I mostly have original pastel paintings for sale.

What inspires me?

All things in nature and the vibrancy of life. Since immersing myself in art, my view has changed. I look at everything in a different way. I notice the difference in colours, varying shapes and textures; art has literally changed how I view the world. It’s a change that brings balance to my life and one I’m eternally grateful for.

With gratitude, I hope you enjoy it too.


Created in soft pastels


Deep in thought in soft pastels

Looking for Fish

Colourful creation in soft pastels

Good Enough to Eat

A still life created in oil paint on paper

The Blue Vase

An abstract in soft pastels with red & green tones

The Funky Pear

An abstract in soft pastels with blue & green tones

It’s all about Moo

A cow with attitude in bright acrylic Inks

David Bowie

Created in black & white soft pastels


Created in black and white soft pastels.


Created in black & white soft pastels

The Dandelion

The gentleness of childhood & nature created in soft pastels

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Original Paintings

If you are interested in my original paintings for sale or want to commission paintings with me, then please get in touch.

I would be delighted to chat with you about what you have in mind.

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